Christy's new Art Porch!  Look for it at her next festival. 

Mona LIsa needed to be a little more loose. This piece is done on top of a puzzle and framed with a old pallet wood and part of a frame. 

About Christy

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Christy's studio and folk art garden (the SHE Garden) is in Winnsboro SC.   Her art is influenced by her surroundings, whether that is in the mountains, beach, or just around the corner in downtown Columbia. She can be found collecting cool "stuff" that you will see in  many of her works of art.   

She has always painted.  When she was 12, her parents came home one day to a new bouquet  of flowers she painted on the floor of her room.  She moved to South Carolina when she was in high school and stayed.   She went to Clemson University where she received her Master's of Architecture and was fortunate enough to spend part of her time in Italy in graduate school.  Today she teaches Architecture at Midlands Technical College in Columbia and pursues her passion of painting and creating.  

She shows her work in various art shows in her Art Porch affectionately knows as Porcha and

at her studio in  Winnsboro, SC

Her art is full of whimsy and fun and breaks all the rules.  She incorporates  bright colors with found objects and loves to use recycled materials in her final creations. Whether you see her at her studio or at an art show you will be sure that her art will stand out.